How does this work?

After purchase, you will receive a Sleep Intake Form in your email! You will fill this form out with every little detail about your child. Be specific! There is no judgement on what you have been doing to get your baby to sleep. BUT I need to know it all! Once the form has been submitted, I will start working on a plan just for you. I like to have this back to you within 24 hours! A printed guide will also be sent to your home (it is so lovely!). We will go over this plan together. You will choose a starting night. From there, you will have my full support for 3 days. As we work together, you will keep a log of your child's days and nights so we can track trends and progress together. 

How long does this take?

Many of my families see progress in just 3-4 nights! I ask for absolute consistency for a full 2 weeks. Note: This is not a quick fix! Sleep training takes time, patience, and consistency. 

Will you make my baby cry it out?

There are many gentle methods I prefer to use. There are bound to be a few tears in protest of change. It is my promise that your baby will never feel fear, abandonment or any less love from you. 

When can I start sleep training my baby?

It is recommended that your baby be 4 months of age and a healthy 12 pounds. Always advise with your pediatrician if you are unsure. Prior to 4 months of age, the Healthy Newborn Foundation Package may be just right for you!